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How Smaller Food Service Business In The Western Cape Can Now Benefit From The Same Service As Corporates!

If you’ve ever had to call around different suppliers to find food items your business needs to serve your customers, only to find you have to compromise on price or service to get what you want, you’ll know how frustrating all that wasted time can be.

But when you’re a smaller business, it can be tough to find a single supplier who will provide everything you need regularly and at the best prices. Larger suppliers may seem to offer a good solution, but often they can’t be bothered with smaller businesses like yours.

It’s a fact – smaller businesses often receive inferior service from big suppliers

How often have you thought you’ve found a food services supplier that meets your requirements only to find that they are often out of stock, won’t deliver or charge higher prices because you don’t order in huge quantities?

This can so easily leave you with the issues of:

Wasting time phoning different suppliers to find the products you need, on time and in the right quantities

  • Wasting time phoning different suppliers to find the products you need, on time and in the right quantities
  • Promises of the best price only to find the item is out of stock
  • Unreliable deliveries or wasted time on buying trips
  • Compromising on what you really want because of suppliers’ limited stock items
  • Poor service from suppliers who don’t understand your needs
  • The feeling that big suppliers find you too small to bother with

Finally, A Service For Your Western Cape Food Service Businesses To Locate Supplies Quickly, Cost-Effectively And With A Minimum Of Fuss

At Catering Supply Services (CSS) these are all problems we recognise and deal with often, partly because we’re an independent operator ourselves. That’s why we decided to come up with a service for smaller food service operators in the Western Cape. A service that actually helps you run your food service business more efficiently. This is a unique way for you to get the food products you need regularly without wasting time and money. And it’s supported by one of the best storage facilities and distribution networks in the province.

As a leading distributor and direct supplier of grocery and associated products to the catering and hospitality markets throughout Africa and beyond, we’re experts in helping organisations with just about every type of food service delivery. Consequently, we’re well placed to service customers right on our doorstep, here in the Western Cape, such as:




Conference Centres

B&Bs and Guesthouses

Local Stores

Petrol Stations



Care Homes

  • Our food supply services benefit you from a one-stop-shop service that:

    Enables you to quickly register your requirements in advance so we can respond to you effectively, whenever you contact us.
  • Delivers right to your door.
  • Offers you personal service from a sales team that understand your needs and goes the extra mile for their customers every day.
  • Keeps a vast range of both standard and less usual products in stock
  • Can source just about any type of product, from international brands to kosher and halaal items in the quantities you want.
  • Maintains the best possible prices, even for smaller quantities.
  • Updates you on the latest prices and offers as soon as they become available.

More Than Capable Of Servicing Your Needs
For nearly a decade, CSS has been supplying food service organisations of all types and sizes. From Cape Town, throughout Africa and as far as the Antarctic we’ve built a solid reputation as a cost-effective and reliable supplier of food, groceries and associated products to specialised operations and remote locations. We also boast a highly capable distribution network, backed up by our
Frozen Food Distributors division, the largest distributor of Nestle ice cream in SA, among others.

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